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First Floor Plan

  El Nour Mosque- Egypt

Location: Airport st. - El Maasara - Helwan

Owner: Mr. Ahmed Mohammed Soliman

Project Area: 1500 m2

The project consists of a ground floor and contains a banquet hall, nursery classes, a library and a computer lab
The first floor is the main mosque
And the role of 2 Mezzanine for women and men in addition to the extension of the building of external clinics

Clinics Shot

Shot 2014.7.1

Prospective 2013.9.14

Prospective 2013.7.27

Main Elevation 2013.9.28

Inside The Mosque 2013.5.19

Main Elevation 2013.7.27

The Dome 2014.2.1

Entrance 2014.2.1

The Dome 2013.9.14

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Events House Shot

Entrance of Events House 2013.5.1

Entrance 2013.5.1